What Is IV Therapy? 

While there has been plenty of buzz around IV Therapy, many of us are still discovering what it is and how it works. So what is IV therapy? IV therapy is a technique for delivering vitamins and fluids intravenously:  the nutrients are administered directly into a recipient’s veins via infusion, often called a drip. This direct method bypasses digestion, which allows the nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream.


What to Expect During Your IV Therapy Experience 

IV Therapy takes place at a medical office with a licensed medical professional guiding you through the process. Upon arrival you will be welcomed to your private room. The IV therapist inserts the IV, carefully assessing you and ensuring the precise dosage of vitamins, nutrients, or fluid. During the IV process, the IV therapist will monitor to ensure the correct delivery and that the IV stays in place. IV rooms offer entertainment options such as Netflix and Apple TV. 


How Long Does IV Therapy Take to Work?

The length of time for your therapy will depend on the type of IV. IV Therapy generally takes from 35 minutes to 50 minutes to administer.


No time for an IV? Try Booster Injections

These faster injections are great for strengthening immunity, boosting energy, and improving overall mood via highest quality vitamin infusions. Examples include a B-complex for an energy boost or a precise combination of vitamins to improve metabolism. 


How Is IV Therapy Better Than Oral Supplements

IV Therapy is faster and more effective than oral administration. When we take a vitamin orally (by mouth), that vitamin breaks down in the stomach and digestive tract, limiting how much can be fully received, approximately 50 percent. IV therapy, on the other hand, delivers nutrients and fluids directly into the bloodstream circumventing the gut so that your body absorbs closer to 90% of the essential nutrients and vitamins.

Vitamins & Fluids Offered in an IV Therapy Bag

IV Therapy solutions can contain saline, vitamins, and minerals. 

  • Saline

    • The base ingredient of an IV bag is usually Saline solution. Saline consists of water and sodium chloride  and delivers the vitamins and minerals of your IV therapy. Saline also assists in hydrating the body. 
  • Myer’s Cocktail: 

    • Myers’ Cocktail is a formula of vitamins and minerals that was pioneered by Dr.John Myers, MD. The “cocktail” includes magnesium, calcium, B-vitamins, and Vitamin C. Myer’s Cocktail is used as the base combination of nutrients in many IV therapies.


Common IV Therapy Solutions, Treatments, or Uses

For over a century, IV therapy has been prescribed by doctors and administered by qualified medical professionals. In recent years, you may have read about the benefits celebrities enjoy, from Rhianna’s IV Therapies that maintain the popstar-turned-mogul entrepreneur’s energy, to Jane Fonda’s appreciation of IV Therapy for its revolutionary anti-ageing abilities. 

IV Therapy helps with multiple health conditions, dehydration, and has been developed to help address symptoms related to conditions like the cold, the flu, and morning sickness. Our clinic even offers hangover IV Therapy. Most importantly IV therapy delivers the nutrients and vitamins necessary to improve the quality and duration of your life.

Our vitamin IV infusions are perfect for those looking to improve their immunity, mood and energy levels. The Triple Booster, Double Booster and Glutathione Solution are just some of our products that you can take with a needle to achieve these things and more.


How Often Should I Get IVs?

Even a single session can make a difference. Single sessions are a great way to experience the benefits of IV Therapy. Occasion therapies like Hangover Solution are a great way to recover from a big night out and feel better right away. Consistent IV Therapy can keep you improving your wellbeing exponentially over time.

We recommend getting IVs once a week for consistent support to maintain your total wellbeing. For your convenience, we offer Los Angeles IV Therapy Memberships and packages for the best value.


Latest Developments in IV Therapy: NAD+

Identified by leading scientists as the youth molecule, Nicotinamide adenine nucleotide, abbreviated as NAD+, is central to mind-body function. NAD+ plays an essential role in metabolism and aging, our physical energy, weight, mood, and life expectancy.  NAD+ regulates oxytocin secretion, the hormone that creates happiness and manages stress. NAD+ has been shown to both prevent and reverse aging impact, including decreasing inflammation and pain. Our personalized NAD+ IV therapy helps replenish your NAD+ amounts. 


Where To Get IV Therapy

The Solution IV has multiple locations in the Los Angeles, CA area, including West Hollywood, Hermosa Beach, and Long Beach IV therapy We also offer in-home IV Therapy with our mobile IVs. To talk to an IV Therapy professional reach out to us to learn more about how we may be of service or book your appointment online.

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