Diagnostic Testing

Discover your biomarkers with our leading diagnostics. Reveal your body’s blueprint and gain insight into your nutrition.


Our most comprehensive test measures 160+ biomarkers, revealing your most detailed body blueprint, so we can design a total nutrition and lifestyle plan for you. We include your dietary preferences.


We identify toxic elements in your system, from industrial to technological, and related heavy metals (aluminum, lead, mercury), in order to create your detoxifying regimen.


We use the latest in biometric testing to evaluate your overall gut wellness: how well your gut breaks down food, gut inflammation, and digestive health. You will receive actionable steps to rebalance and strengthen your gut health.


With this simple saliva test, we can identify events and environmental stressors in your life affecting health problems. We create nutrition-focused stress management, including strategies for lifestyle changes and behavior modification.


Identify your food and environmental allergens, irritants, and inhalants (e.g. molds, spices, celiac, gluten), and receive a strategy for your body to create your lasting harmony from within.


A kid-friendly way to see your child’s nutritional report card. No needles, no blood. Just accurate results to see how your child is doing nutritionally.


We analyze head-to-toe body constitution for fat and muscle composition, water content, and visceral fat (a trigger for disease), so that we can design a plan to optimize your muscle to fat composition.


The Benefits of Diagnostic Testing

We use the most advanced diagnostics to design personalized treatments for your body’s complete wellbeing.

Our testing determines your biomarkers, insight into your body’s blueprint. These biomarkers indicate health outcomes and disease. We are able to evaluate your entire health and nutrition profile, including: cholesterol, carcinogens, allergens, gut health, anti-aging, stress, fatigue indicators, and more. With this understanding, we can create individualized strategies to maximize your health.

Los Angeles Diagnostic Testing

Our comprehensive testing, action plans, and treatments help many of our clients reduce medications, increase athletic performance, manage high blood pressure, experience less stress, have healthy pregnancies, and improve metabolism.

Diagnostic Testing FAQ

Who is eligible for biomarker testing?

Anyone interested in learning about their nutrition, who is over 18 years old, is eligible.

What is the testing process?

After you give your sample, you will get your diagnostic results, receive a personalized regimen, and a consultation with a nutrition expert.

How long is the wait to receive my results?

To preserve accuracy, results take 1 – 3 weeks to come back from the lab (we are working on shortening this timeline).

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