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Tailored Wellbeing Solutions

Our testing determines your biomarkers, detailed insight into your body’s nutrition. Based on your body’s blueprint, we create a comprehensive strategy that maximizes your total health.

Benefit from some of the most comprehensive testing available. We have the capacity to measure 160+ biomarkers, giving you the greatest insights into your targeted needs. Gain clarity around your whole health and nutrition profile. Our diagnostics have helped many of our clients improve metabolism, boost energy levels, decrease stress, enhance athletic performance, and experience healthier pregnancies.

Revitalize, detoxify and feel completely refreshed. Our IV therapies deliver the highest quality vitamins and hydration directly to your bloodstream, circumventing the gut to completely absorb essential nutrients.

Experience long-lasting energy and less stress. Our vitamin injections provide the leading vitamin infusions, circumventing digestion for full absorption.

Our Process

Map your body’s unique health pathway, understand your personal nutrition, and receive a tailored action plan to bolster your complete wellbeing.

Run Diagnostics Test

Our comprehensive testing leads the way in diagnostics, measuring 160+ biomarkers and their interactions. From these, we provide abundant insights, based on your needs. Our testing comprises your entire health and nutrition profile, including: cholesterol, carcinogens, allergens, gut health, anti-aging, stress, fatigue indicators, and more.

Build An Action Plan

Because no symptom is an island, we evaluate the whole picture of you to understand the complete story of your health. Our data reveals the root causes influencing the target improvements you want to make. Our experts interpret your biomarkers, nutrient levels, environment, lifestyle and habits in tandem. We build an individualized action plan for you. You will receive clear, followable recommendations that you can take with you, which will optimize your health from the day of your visit.

Personalized Solutions

Our medical experts provide you with personalized nutritional consultations tailored to your unique health needs that the biomarkers indicate. Our solutions can include personalized food and lifestyle recommendations, meal plans, IVs, booster shots, and supplements. Your body’s biomarkers hold the solution so you can thrive.

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“The best IV therapy in weho! The staff is so friendly and the location is very nice as well. The status of my health today, compared to yesterday, is like night and day. I got a custom bag IV yesterday because I’ve been feeling sick and very dehydrated. Thankfully, I am feeling soooo much better today.” – APRIL O.


These guys are truly the best. Coming here has become a foundational piece for my overall wellness and I’m so grateful to everyone there! Highly recommended and that’s an understatement. – E.C.


The Solution is easily the best IV nutritional service that I’ve been to in all of LA. The quality of their products are noticeably better compared to the competition; that is to say, the potency packs a bigger punch. – HOODED L.


WOW! Absolutely LOVED this place. Owner is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and the RN was the best and made everything quick and completely painless! Visited for the first time this morning and I feel like a new person from the IV. Such a great concept! Highly recommend checking this place out if you want to feel and look amazing! – EMILY A.


I really enjoyed my experience here today! Very clean and very friendly. The director is really knowledgeable and made me feel welcomed. Excited to see results from my first treatment. – ASHLEY R.


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