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Optimizing Cellular Health with
Hydration, Vitamins, and Peptides

At the heart of total wellness lies cellular health. By understanding your body’s unique biomarkers, we harness the transformative powers of hydration, vitamins, and peptides to optimize every cell’s function. This trifecta of ingredients not only revitalizes your cells but also provides a roadmap for comprehensive wellness, ensuring that you’re not just living but thriving.

Benefit from some of the most comprehensive testing available. We have the capability to measure 160+ biomarkers, offering unparalleled insights into your specific needs. Obtain a clear understanding of your overall health and nutrition profile. Our diagnostics have empowered numerous clients to boost metabolism, elevate energy levels, mitigate stress, amplify athletic performance, and journey through healthier pregnancies.

Revitalize, detoxify, and embrace a newfound vitality. Our IV therapies introduce the purest vitamins and hydration directly to your bloodstream, bypassing the gut to guarantee total absorption of vital nutrients.

Feel a surge of enduring energy and diminished stress. Our vitamin injections are designed for optimum potency, bypassing digestion to ensure complete nutrient absorption.

Harness the combined potential of amino acids through our peptide solutions. As vital components in numerous biological processes, peptides offer a promising frontier in cellular repair, function, and rejuvenation. Step into a realm where small molecules yield significant results in health and wellness enhancement.

Our Process

Map your body’s unique health pathway, understand your personal nutrition, and receive a tailored action plan to bolster your complete wellbeing.


We begin by understanding your individual health aspirations. Your goals are the guiding light that drives every subsequent step in our journey together, ensuring that our approach is perfectly aligned with your vision for optimal well-being.


Every symptom has a backstory. By piecing together every data point, we grasp the full narrative of your health. Our detailed analysis sheds light on the underlying causes that may influence your desired health outcomes. The result? A personalized action plan equipped with straightforward, actionable recommendations set to pivot your health journey from the get-go.


Our medical professionals tailor-made nutritional consultations just for you. Our suite of solutions ranges from bespoke food and lifestyle advice, targeted IV and peptide therapies, and booster shots, to specialized supplements. In the intricate tapestry of your body’s biomarkers, we find the golden threads that enable you to flourish.

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“The best IV therapy in weho! The staff is so friendly and the location is very nice as well. The status of my health today, compared to yesterday, is like night and day. I got a custom bag IV yesterday because I’ve been feeling sick and very dehydrated. Thankfully, I am feeling soooo much better today.” – APRIL O.


These guys are truly the best. Coming here has become a foundational piece for my overall wellness and I’m so grateful to everyone there! Highly recommended and that’s an understatement. – E.C.


The Solution is easily the best IV nutritional service that I’ve been to in all of LA. The quality of their products are noticeably better compared to the competition; that is to say, the potency packs a bigger punch. – HOODED L.


WOW! Absolutely LOVED this place. Owner is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and the RN was the best and made everything quick and completely painless! Visited for the first time this morning and I feel like a new person from the IV. Such a great concept! Highly recommend checking this place out if you want to feel and look amazing! – EMILY A.


I really enjoyed my experience here today! Very clean and very friendly. The director is really knowledgeable and made me feel welcomed. Excited to see results from my first treatment. – ASHLEY R.


Enhance cellular communication and repair damaged tissues.

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