Serving the Long Beach Community

With the opening of our newest and third location, in Long Beach, California, The Solution continues to pride itself on being at the forefront of delivering top quality proactive health solutions. Our team is excited to interact with clients in the Long Beach community and help them on their journey of improved wellness and wellbeing, soon being able to access first-rate health solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual.


We specialize in delivering top-notch health services that are delivered with quality at all times. Here are some of the healthcare solutions those in Long Beach will soon be able to enjoy.


IV & Hydration Therapy

The IV Hydration therapies The Solution offers are well noted for reinvigorating each client’s vitality, and can play a leading role in getting rid of toxins. We deliver top quality essential vitamins and other vital nutrients straight into your bloodstream to guarantee 100% uptake and immediate and enhanced outcomes when contrasted with traditional modes of administering supplements. Strengthen your immunity, boost your energy, improve your mood, and more with our leading vitamin therapy. The Solution IV offers IV hydration in an injectable solution form such as NAD +, and Glutathione IV Solution.


Vitamin Boosters

Our multivitamin infusions deliver all essential vitamins that are administered directly into the bloodstream for optimal absorption rates.


Diagnostic Testing

The Solution’s Diagnostic Testing services include more than 160 biomarkers. This goes a long way in enabling our clients the ability to access precise and in-depth insights into their unique health and wellness needs, gaining incredible clarity on their health status and nutritional profile. The Diagnostic Testing services The Solution offers have allowed numerous clients of ours to boost their metabolism, energy levels and greatly minimize stress levels, as well as playing a prominent role in significantly improving their athletic performance and recovery. Our Diagnostic Testing solutions encompass our clients’ complete health and nutritional profiles. This includes A comprehensive evaluation of their cholesterol, carcinogen, gut health, allergen, anti-aging, stress, and fatigue biomarkers, to name a few.


100% Personalized Health & Wellness Solutions

The Solution’s team of skilled and seasoned medical experts always goes out of its way to deliver totally personalized nutritional consultation services. These services are specifically geared to meet all the distinctive health needs of the client earmarked by their biomarkers. Some of the most prominent tailor-made health solutions include personalized food and lifestyle recommendations, IVs, meal plans, booster shots and more. For further details on The Solution’s health solutions, feel free to visit


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