IV Fluids for Dehydration

IV Fluids for Dehydration Treatment

IV fluids for dehydration? With most of us not drinking enough water on a daily basis, dehydration is actually far more common than many of us realize. Studies show few of us drink the recommended quantity of water each day. Which means many of us are going about our lives with our bodies running on less than they need to operate at optimal condition. Just like you wouldn’t drive your car on half the oil it needed, making rehydration a priority should be a health goal for us all.

Although IV drip therapy for dehydration has primarily been used for emergency purposes, it is becoming popular as a wellness therapy. Getting this therapy doesn’t require a medical emergency. Instead, individuals are proactively seeking this solution at medical spas as a means to feel refreshed, particularly after extensive workouts. This practice has been around for many years, popular among athletes and celebrities. Now it is gaining popularity among the general public. But what exactly is IV drip therapy for dehydration, and how does it work outside of a hospital setting?


What are the Signs of Dehydration?

Severe dehydration can happen quickly during high temperatures and physical exertion. Running in the heat for example can cause you to dehydrate more quickly however you don’t need to run a marathon to experience dehydration. Even more mild cases of dehydration however can make you feel unwell. Dehydration can trigger headaches, lightheadedness and fatigue. Severe dehydration may cause dizziness, a rapid heart rate, fainting and can even result in organ failure in extreme circumstances. Prolonged dehydration can also make it hard for a person to rehydrate just by drinking water.


Hydrating Your Body with an IV – How Does it Work?

IV Drip Therapy is much like an IV a doctor administers at the hospital. The only difference is that what’s in the IV bag may contain various vitamins and nutrients in liquid form that help your body stay hydrated. Instead of getting this IV while at a medical facility, it can be administered in The Solution’s relaxing, spa-like environment at their three locations in Los Angeles. Here, clients sit in a comfortable chair, in IV rooms designed to be a tranquil setting, where they can relax as trained nurses administer the IV hydration.

Before starting the procedure, a nurse will ask preliminary medical questions to determine if it is okay to proceed. They may also ask about your goals and select the best IV drip to hydrate you. Once they decide that it is safe to administer the IV, they will inject it into your arm intravenously in the same way as in the hospital. This type of IV needle is relatively small and barely noticeable.

It typically takes about 45 minutes to administer the drip. About halfway through the process, many customers claim to feel much more relaxed and rejuvenated. Some customers even report improved energy and mental clarity once the process is complete.


  • IV Fluids for Dehydration in Adults

    There may have come a time in your life when you experienced dehydration so severe that you have fainted. As a matter of fact, one of the most common causes of fainting is dehydration. Prolonged dehydration can make it difficult to rehydrate just by drinking more water. When symptoms of dehydration appear, IV rehydration is a more appropriate treatment option, rehydrating the body faster and more efficiently than drinking water. The IV fluids will also be properly balanced with the right ratio of water, salt and electrolytes.


  • IV Fluids for Dehydration in Children

    It’s relatively common for children to experience dehydration because they may not get enough water throughout the day. A doctor may administer a child an IV to get them rehydrated as quickly as possible. These fluids may include salt or sugar depending on your body’s need to become refreshed once again.


Who Should Receive Fluids for Dehydration?

If you’re feeling tired, lethargic, or sluggish, IV fluids for dehydration may be the solution you’re looking for.

One essential advantage of replenishing the body with IVs is getting the proper amount of hydration. According to a study, many adults don’t get enough water in their bodies regularly. The USDA recommends about ten glasses of water per day. However, this survey revealed that many adults get substantially less water because they’re too busy or forget to consume the proper amount of water daily. As a result, some are turning to IV drip therapy to get the adequate amount of fluids they need in their body.


What Type of IV Therapy Fluids Are Used for Dehydration

Some people might think that IV rehydration fluids are just water, however an IV rehydration mixture is specifically formulated for quick absorption and maximum hydration. It’s typically a saline solution which may also contain nutrients such as glucose, dextrose and electrolytes.

Why aren’t IV fluids for dehydration just water? Because additional nutrients help balance the body and allow water to be absorbed by the body properly. Sodium, for example, helps the body hydrate faster. Sugars such as glucose and dextrose help the body to absorb these electrolytes more rapidly. By sharing your symptoms and your lifestyle details with The Solution staff, they can provide the best IV fluid option for your needs.

IV fluids also differ greatly from your typical glass of tap water because they are made with a crystalloid solution. This formulation allows water to enter cells rapidly through osmosis. Since they are designed to provide just what a body needs for rehydration, many patients notice immediate improvements because of the rapid absorption of these specially formulated IV fluids. There are different formulations and nutrient ratios for different needs from addressing fluid deficiencies to balancing fluid and electrolyte levels.

These aren’t the only options you can receive however for dehydration. The Solution offers IV therapy which features all the perks of rapid rehydration, along with specially formulated nutrients for specific ailments or issues. For example, if you are constantly fatigued, you can choose one of The Solution’s IV vitamin injection boosters to help stabilize your energy levels. Or, if you are looking for an immune boost, it may be useful to consider a vitamin C infusion. From metabolism-boosting and anti-aging to athlete support and hangover therapy, The Solution features a variety of IV fluids that address specific health and lifestyle needs. Each includes the benefits of specially formulated IV fluids rapid hydration for dehydration.


How Often Should I Hydrate Using IV Therapy?

Getting this therapy is not a one-and-done type of solution. Nor is it something that you should do too often. After all, one IV bag is equivalent to 1,000 mL. Therefore, getting this therapy done too often can throw off your fluid balance. Professionals may recommend you get the therapy no more than two times a month. Getting too much of certain vitamins can damage organs. It can also cause people inflammation, blood clots, vein irritation, and stroke in the worst cases. So, if you choose this therapy, it is best to stick to the recommended doses.


The Best Way to Keep Your Body Hydrated & Get the Most Out of IV Drip Sessions

While IV Drip Therapy is an excellent low-risk alternative for busy adults, it still has risks. For instance, the facility you receive the treatments at may be risky if the environment doesn’t seem clean. Also, if the products they use are cheap, this could put your body at risk for unnecessary ailments. Ultimately, the best way to keep your body hydrated is by drinking the recommended amount of water daily. Of course, you can also rely on other drinks, including sports drinks and teas, to get the hydration you need. But if you find that you forget to stay hydrated like you should, getting IV drip therapy could be an ideal supplement.

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