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As a one-stop-shop for the finest proactive and preventative healthcare solutions in California, The Solution takes great pride in offering health and wellness services and products that are specifically tailored to meet the needs and preferences of those averse to accessing therapy or treatment through traditional healthcare providers.

Our team makes it a point to deliver quality healthcare services that cater to those who find paying visits to the doctor’s office too time-consuming, costly, and more than may be necessary. The Solution’s proactive medical solutions focus on enabling an individual to maintain overall wellness and optimum health, rather than treating the problem after it has occurred.

Ideally, preventative medicine is noted for occurring before the patient even starts to experience the signs and symptoms of a disease or condition. To this end, the solutions we provide blend healthy lifestyles, proper nutrition and exercise to deliver a holistic healthcare experience.


IV Vitamin Therapy

The Solution’s IV infusions will furnish you with high-quality essential vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients. Since they are delivered straight into the bloodstream, outcomes are more immediate when compared to oral or other conventional modes of administering medicine or supplements.

A majority of doctors have deemed this type of therapy to be both safe and highly effective. This is because it may be completely personalized to address the distinctive needs and preferences of the individual. IV therapy, also known as IV nutritional therapy, is traditionally utilized to cater to patients going through cancer treatment. Today, it has evolved into a popular form of therapy used to supplement nutrients including B vitamins, amino acids, glutathione, ascorbic acid and more. 

Since IV vitamin therapy may be customized to deliver 100% of the vitamins’ and other nutrients’ recommended uptake, an individual will normally experience substantial and immediate boosts in energy levels.

In turn, this makes it infinitely easier and convenient to minimize the need to depend upon energy boosters such as coffee and energy drinks. IV vitamin therapy also plays a key role in effective age management. With the ideal administration of essential vitamins and antioxidants, this therapy has been shown to do away with wrinkles, remedy skin damage, and even prevent free radical formation. The ultimate outcomes are often clearer skin, stronger hair and nails, and improved eyesight. Other prominent benefits of IV vitamin therapy can include minimizing migraine symptoms, preventing sickness by boosting immunity, improving athletic performance and recovery, and eliminating toxins to mention but a few.

Our vitamin IV infusions are perfect for those looking to improve their immunity, mood and energy levels. The Triple Booster, Double Booster and Glutathione Solution are just some of our products that you can take with a needle to achieve these things and more.


Diagnostic Testing

The Solution’s diagnostic testing solutions are designed to let you discover critical biomarkers and reveal your body’s unique blueprint to obtain insights into one’s health and wellness. Biomarkers are some of the major factors in accessing personalized healthcare.

The first step of diagnostic development is identifying one or more biomarkers linked with normal biological and pathogenic processes.

Diagnostic testing may be used to accurately determine what may happen if a specific treatment is taken, or even the percentage of risk of developing specific medical conditions. It can be used to identify the early signs of diseases as well.

This goes a long way in promoting long-term health and wellness.

Other proactive healthcare solutions The Solution provides include vitamin boosters, NAD+ therapy, supplements, and COVID-19 testing.

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