An Array of Options for COVID-19 Testing

We have all heard about the importance of COVID-19 testing over the past few months. Should you suspect you have the virus, and need a test, there are several tests you could take to allay your apprehension. The FDA has been working around-the-clock to boost the availability of essential products which include tests for COVID-19 to efficiently combat the global pandemic.

As such, the FDA has granted emergency-use authorization to hundreds of different tests. These tests are designed to detect a current or past infection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. Ideally, these tests are classified under two different groups that are molecular and serology testing. Let us take a much closer look at the various COVID-19 tests you could take if you wish to determine whether you have, or may have had the disease or not.

PCR Tests

This is a form of COVID-19 molecular testing which is used to determine symptoms of an active infection. Using polymerase chain reaction technology, PCR tests search for traces of genetic materials of the virus in samples collected through either a nose or even throat swab. This form of COVID-19 testing will confirm a positive diagnosis when it detects two specific SARS-CoV-2 genes. Most of the coronavirus testing being carried out in America at the moment makes use of PCR technology. To this end, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now regards PCR tests as being the gold standard in terms of COVID-19 testing.

Antibody Tests

Antibody tests are a sort of COVID-19 serological testing which search for antibodies the human body synthesizes to fight the virus. These antibodies are always present in people who have recovered from the disease. For those who might not be in the know, antibodies are certain proteins that the body produces to fight infections. In its turn, in more cases than not, they might provide immunity against a similar viral infection in the future. COVID-19 antibody tests are especially suited to detect cases of infections which manifest with mild or no symptoms. Large scale serological testing may prove to be invaluable to both scientists and medical researchers so they can provide more precise estimates of how many individuals have been infected with coronavirus, while, at the same time, enabling them to figure out the extent to which antibodies might furnish immunity to the disease. However, an important point to always bear in mind is positive serological test results don’t necessarily imply you won’t get infected with SARS-CoV-2 again.

Pre-Op Testing

Pre-op screening testing is specifically designed for those patients who are scheduled to undergo surgical procedures or those who are admitted to healthcare facilities for treatment. This includes both adult and pediatric patients, not excluding infants. These COVID-19 tests are useful in protecting both the patient and healthcare workers since patients who have the infection can easily infect others, even if they don’t exhibit any symptoms. Should a patient test positive for COVID-19, surgical operations will be rescheduled until the moment he or she is no longer infectious and has manifested signs of recovery.

Corporate & Production Studio Testing

Though COVID-19 won’t be eradicated until widespread vaccination is ready, businesses still need an effective solution to eventually bring employees back to work in a safe manner. The Solution now offers comprehensive and fully customizable COVID-19 testing capabilities in support of businesses’ return-to-work strategies. This will go a long way in ensuring business continuity via onsite testing or even drive-thru testing.

On the other hand, film and TV production studios are beginning to restart production and their major concern is to keep their casts and crews safe and free of COVID-19 infection. The Solution is now providing rapid turnaround coronavirus designed for this specific industry including onsite testing with 24-48 hour results. Generally speaking, if you are part of a film or TV studio, you will need to undergo testing on a daily basis in accordance with the guidelines put in place in this sector.

Should you wish for COVID-19 testing services, The Solution is now offering PCR, antibody, pre-op and corporate and production studio testing which you might take advantage of.



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Sunday, Mar 26