The fastest way to receive vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Our Booster Solutions go to work in just seconds. Unlike oral supplements which can lose potency in the digestive system, a Booster Solution is injected. The result: Full potency, in an instant. Get in, get what you need, and get on your way.

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A nourishing supplement blend created to support overall health and wellness.

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Does it hurt?
As with any shot or intravenous service, there can be some pain, however, our highly-trained staff will make every effort to minimize any pain. We use lidocaine with shots that tend to hurt (sting) – such as Vitamin C and B Complex, in order to minimize discomfort.


What is the difference between IVs/Boosters and taking oral vitamins?
Only a fraction of oral vitamins are absorbed by the stomach and make their way to the bloodstream and this is sometimes further affected by poor absorption. IV and Booster supplements are immediately available in the bloodstream for your body to use.


What are the benefits of IVs and Boosters?
Clients who receive IVs or Boosters often mention increases in energy levels and enhanced performance in their daily activities, as well as better energy throughout the day. IVs and Boosters support the performance of cells and internal systems as part of a total health & wellness strategy.

I was really run down and felt like a cold was coming on. I had a long week ahead of me at work and could not afford to be sick. One of my friends pointed me toward The Solution for a Coldfighter IV. I like how it was fast and everyone there was super friendly. It was a very nice clean environment. I'll be back, for sure.
Chris D, Manhattan Beach, California