Nutritional testing

We test every biomarker that links to nutrition.
Come give a sample – get your results – get your action plan.

Detox Solution

Identify different toxic elements from industrial, agricultural, technology sources, and heavy metals like aluminum, lead, and mercury in your system so we can design a regimen to help rid your body of toxins.


Healthy Gut Solution

We test biomarkers that reveal how well your gut breaks down food, about your gut inflammation, digestive health, and overall gastrointestinal wellness. Using the latest in biometric testing, we’ll have the tools to provide actionable feedback to rebalance your system and boost gut health.


Food Sensitivity Solution

Identify food and environmental allergens, irritants, and inhalants (e.g. molds, spices, celiac, gluten), so we can design a regimen that creates harmony from within.


Kids Solution

A kid-friendly way to see your child’s nutritional report card. No needles, no blood. Just accurate results to see how a child is doing nutritionally so we can move beyond carrot sticks and chewable vitamins.


InBody Solution

Analyze head-to-toe body composition for: fat and muscle composition, water content, and visceral fat (a trigger for disease) so we can design a regimen to optimize your muscle to fat composition.