Benefits of IV Nutrition & Hydration

When it comes to supplements, the digestive system can be an inefficient delivery system. Oral supplements can lose more than 90% of their potency during the digestion process, leaving you with just a fraction of what your body really needs. When supplements are delivered through IVs or injections, they go straight into your body, bypassing the digestive system altogether. Each of our hydrating blends delivers the full potency of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals.



What clients cannot receive IV services?
Clients with allergies to any of the components, clients with moderate to severe kidney disease, and expectant mothers are not candidates for this service.


What is “infiltration” and how can I help to prevent it?
Infiltration is when the needle or IV catheter either dislodges from the vein or punctures the vein, causing fluid to enter the surrounding tissues (instead of into the vein). This causes swelling and pain at the IV site. You can help to prevent this by keeping your arm still and straight (not bent at the elbow) during infusion. Also, always notify The Solution staff if you feel pain or swelling during your infusion so that they can check the infusion site.


Can 2 people be in the same room while receiving their IV?
Yes, we can accommodate groups with advance notice.


Can my son or daughter get an injection or IV?
Anyone who is 18 years or older, who has completed the appropriate paperwork and consent(s) and who is legally able to enter into a binding contract can obtain services at The Solution.


What are the risks?
As with any medical procedures, there are risks. Please refer to your intake paperwork and informed consent(s) for further information, or discuss any concerns with the licensed staff at The Solution.


What service should I get?
That is really dependent on your symptoms / health concerns. Our highly-skilled staff will discuss your options so that you can make the best decision.


Does it hurt?
As with any shot or intravenous service, there can be some pain, however, our highly-trained staff will make every effort to minimize any pain. We use lidocaine with shots that tend to hurt (sting) – such as Vitamin C and B Complex, in order to minimize discomfort.


Are the staff members skilled?
Yes, all staff members at The Solution are trained and are highly skilled to perform the services that they provide.


Are the staff members licensed?
Yes, all staff members at The Solution are licensed to perform services within the State of California.


What will I expect when I arrive for treatment?
You will complete some intake forms and will then meet with the licensed medical provider (Ex: Doctor, Registered Nurse Practitioner, etc.) who will ask you health-related questions, and will take vital signs if you are receiving an intravenous solution. Your IV or Booster will be prepared and administered by our friendly, licensed staff while you relax in our comfortable exam rooms.

I was really run down and felt like a cold was coming on. I had a long week ahead of me at work and could not afford to be sick. One of my friends pointed me toward The Solution for a Coldfighter IV. I like how it was fast and everyone there was super friendly. It was a very nice clean environment. I'll be back, for sure.
Chris D, Manhattan Beach, California