Who are we?

We are the proactive health & wellness destination providing personalized hydration and vitamin/mineral supplements delivered through IV infusions and Booster injections. We also offer cutting-edge services to help clients create a custom nutrition & supplement regimen.


What is our mission?

We aim to provide instant, trustworthy, personalized and convenient products and services to help our clients achieve optimal health.




What do we provide?

Our IV hydration infusions & vitamin booster shots deliver vital supplements directly into your system. Our testing services unlock next-level data about your internal and nutritional health. Our custom supplements provide the most personalized nutrition regimen available.

I was really run down and felt like a cold was coming on. I had a long week ahead of me at work and could not afford to be sick. One of my friends pointed me toward The Solution for a Coldfighter IV. I like how it was fast and everyone there was super friendly. It was a very nice clean environment. I'll be back, for sure.
Chris D, Manhattan Beach, California