360° Solution™


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The single most comprehensive internal & nutritional testing program available.

Your body can talk. It tells you when it’s hungry, thirsty, tired, or in pain. It gives you feedback about temperature, illness, digestive problems, and injuries. There are thousands of other messages your body can deliver, too. The problem is people are not naturally equipped to receive or interpret these messages. That’s where the 360° Solution™ can help.

Because optimal health starts from within, we begin with a comprehensive blood test, analyzed at the cellular level to decode the signals your body is sending. Next, we create a detailed data package that provides next-level insight about your internal systems, including pathogens, toxins, allergens, and special nutritional requirements. You will learn what your body has, what it needs, and what you should avoid. As our Nutrition Specialist creates a Personal Health Action Plan – your game plan for achieving optimal health. You can also opt-in for MySolution™ custom supplements and freshly prepared custom meal delivery. Ultra Health. Ultimate Convenience.

Results from your 360° Solution™ include emphasis on:

Gut health

Food allergies & sensitivities

Nutrient deficiencies

Optimized nutritional strategies

Using one blood draw, our lab team goes to work. We map out the path to total system wellness, which includes these 7 steps:


The 360° Solution™ is the single most valuable collection of personal data you’ll ever receive, and the first step toward achieving optimal health. Take a positive step today by calling to schedule your initial appointment.

Analyse von blauen Diagrammen mit Aktienkursen und Statistiken

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